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4 Weeks Prior to Move

• Make a “Move” file folder.

• Set up a calendar for your move.

• Have a garage sale.

• Contact a local charity to donate any unneeded furniture.

• Gather moving supplies, boxes, tape, rope.

• Call a moving company or make truck rental reservations to move yourself.

• Collect doctors, dentists, medical and school records.

• Collect all financial, tax, and employment documentation that may be needed for your loan.

• Contact your insurance company to transfer your policies (life, auto, homeowners).

3 Weeks Prior to Move

• Arrange a cut off date, and date for new service with your utility companies

(telephone, gas, electric, water, garage, and cable).

• Call friends and relatives to let them know you are moving.

• Canned goods can be costly to move-you may consider donating to a local charity.

• Check out Voter Registration information.

• Send change of address forms to newspapers, magazines, and associations.

• Notify the post office of your move. Fill out a change of address card.

• Review tax deductions on moving expenses.

2 Weeks Prior to Move

• Transfer stocks, bonds, bank accounts, and contents of safety deposit boxes.

• Prepare a list of clothes to take with you, start separating them into suitcases.

• Take the time to check ALL of the previous items, you still have time.

1 Week Prior to Move

• Clean your refrigerator and let it air out at least 24 hours before moving.

• Drain outdoor equipment, water from hoses, propane tanks from barbecue grills,

and gas and oil from lawn mowers. Discard any aerosol, paint, oils, flammable,

chemicals. and/or toxic

• Label items you need to easily access and place them in a separate room or closet.

• Arrange for pest control before moving into your new home-especially on new


Move Out Day


• Remember that those items packed last will be unloaded first.

• Once everything is out of the house, take on last look through the house:

cupboards, closets, behind doors, attics, stairwells, overhead in the garage, outside the home, and any storage sheds.

Move In Day

• Have the house ready before the trucks arrive. Take some time, sit back, and relax. 

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Rob Dessommes
PrimeLending A PlainsCapital Company

Senior Mortgage Loan Officer
18111 Preston Road #500
Dallas, TX 75252
Phone: 972-407-7907
Toll Free: 877-407-7907
Fax: 866-711-1751
Email: robd@primelending.com
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